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Hunter Thompson

Oil on cardboard, 16 x 21 cm, framed in wood, 2021


I was not yet born when the autobiographical film about H. Thompson, based on three of his works. The story of Hunter, a journalist and sports columnist, and his friend Oscar "Laslow", a lawyer, is set in the wilderness, somewhere between the 1960s and 1970s, in the Nixon era, where they both sail the expanse of America, getting into various sorts of trouble. In their travels, they meet other characters who are an encyclopedia of the collective images that inspired these 6 portraits. I revisited this motion picture twice, stopping to watch, collecting footage from the 102 screenshots. I've only chosen six images, but it's worth noting that there are many more unique characters out there. Stock up on goodies, everyone have a pleasant journey into the Dr. Gonzo-journalism universe. 

 1. H. Thompson.

 2. Laslow

 3. Porter

 4. Black guy 1.

 5. Black guy 2.

 6. Companion

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