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Battle of the Inventors

Digital work and print, 2021

In the small prefecture of Miyagi, a massive earthquake struck. A ten-meter tsunami threw a portal to land new technologies, with them the steel queen of Britain, Lenin the spider, and Froyd the toad. The Ebisu tribe, who live in the prefecture, quickly mastered these innovations and began to apply them to agriculture and engineering, but the desire to be the best created a conflict. So the horse got pedals and wheels, which the inventor Ildar made, and his competitor, the Paver-dog, began to hunt him down in holographic dogs. On the Ou Mountain line, a tin soldier tries to attack a hypnotic mother with bubbles while her son Momotaro catches an eel radio. Day by day the machines gain new improvements and the intelligence becomes more nimble, and no one knows where this will lead. One can only hope for Queen, psychologist, and leader of the proletariat.

After purchasing, you will receive

8268 × 5906 px | PNG image

700 × 500 mm | Unique signed physical print

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